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Kapadokia Bar - San Sebastián nubes 8

Enjoy a journey of flavors in Donostia San Sebastian

We are Kapadokia, a pintxos & rations bar in the old part of Donostia San Sebastián

The reason to start this adventure is our passion for traditional product cuisine. Our crew relies on a team of hospitality experts and chefs from the famous Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián.

The inner space in our ship has been crafted with very much care in details so your experience is unique, diverse and original. Located in the old town of San Sebastian, within it you will enjoy a varied menu of “pintxos” and dishes, prepared with first quality products that will make you travel  around the basque country without leaving the city.

Our pintxos
and rations

Hop on our flavours globe, a world of experiences to discover.

From the sea

From the earth


  • Caramelized Torrija 5,5 €
  • Cheesecake 5,5 €

The best of the Basque cuisine in our kitchen




We use the best quality products to cook our “pintxos” and rations. Quality always comes first.



Strength through unity, and our crew and staff members are the best prepared for this adventure.



We have a unique and original place within the historic center of Donostia - San Sebastián.



We love to make you feel at home with us so your experience is unique, memorable and truly basque.

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+34 943 58 31 86


where we are?

Arrandegi 10, 20003 San Sebastián, Basque Country

Kapadokia Bar - San Sebastián kapadokia pintxos y raciones
Kapadokia Bar - San Sebastián nubes 8

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Our globe brings the richest flavors of the product kitchen for you to see, feel, and, above all, to live the best food in the world.

High quality Kitchen in the old town of San Sebastian.

What are you waiting for to taste it? Come and enjoy your trip.